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2002 Stories by Michael Yockel

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  • The Straight Poop

    published November 21, 2002

    Although it has yet to be nominated as an Olympic event, cow-chip tossing nonetheless has mushroomed in popularity in the past 30 years, worming... More >>

  • Women on the Vargas

    published October 10, 2002

    By the end of 1940, Alberto Vargas was riding high. Each month, one of the artist's signature "Varga Girls," as they were then known -- impossibly... More >>

  • A Glowing Review

    published August 8, 2002

    Intuitively, Lisa Teasley understands that somewhere along South Florida's east coast, a man waits for her to discover him. He doesn't realize... More >>

  • Beauty and the Books

    published July 11, 2002

    Deep inside the history of every major beauty pageant lurks a defining, egg-on-the-face incident. For Miss USA, it occurred in the contest's sixth... More >>

  • The Pen Is Mightier...

    published June 6, 2002

    In a 1973 interview, French literary critic/semiotician/essayist Roland Barthes asserted, "In the end I always come back to fountain pens. The... More >>

  • Through Almond's Eyes

    published April 18, 2002

    When asked if South Florida in general -- and Miami Beach specifically -- served as an inspiration for the ticky-tacky resort setting of his "The... More >>

Archives: 2003 | 2002 | 1998 | 1997