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  • Jungle (or Indie) Fever

    published December 30, 2010

    Two New Year’s shindigs exist at the opposite ends of the Earth; think a Party South Pole and a Party North Pole. One dedicates two-thirds... More >>

  • The Perfect Holiday

    published December 23, 2010

    A Broward County bar tucked away in downtown Fort Lauderdale — as close to the jailhouse as it can be without stomping on the... More >>

  • The Comforting Nutcracker

    published December 23, 2010

    The holidays make us stray, splurge, and sin — and why wouldn’t we, with the new year right around the corner? (New Year = fresh start;... More >>

  • A Cosplay Paradise

    published December 16, 2010

    You anime dance-off freaks, dare New Times. Go outright and say it: If you’re into cosplay, you’re into competition — like,... More >>

  • Santa Clauses Are Taking Over Town

    published December 16, 2010

    Imagine Fort Lauderdale at Christmas. The weather being cold but incredibly tolerable compared to what our Northern states are facing. For our... More >>

  • Rubber Souls

    published December 9, 2010

    Saturday, Gold Coast Skating Rink will be full of hot female bodies tackling one another on roller skates. The sport of roller derby is a fast,... More >>

  • Mallvertising for a Good Cause

    published December 2, 2010

    The massive, glorious mall on Sunrise Boulevard is an institution of panache. Even though New Times might enter the Coral Ridge Mall more,... More >>

  • Invoke the Christmas Spirit

    published November 25, 2010

    Never have 15-minute intervals been more important than the day after Thanksgiving. At 5:30 p.m., Santa arrives (yes, he’s available for ... More >>

  • Fort Lauderdale's Monterey Club Is Already 1 Year Old, and It's Time to Celebrate

    published November 18, 2010

    Below the plentiful beach bars, valet parking, velvet ropes, and Irish pubs sits a dark, one-story brick building practically scraping the butt... More >>

  • How True Fort Lauderdaleans Celebrate 100 Years

    published November 18, 2010

    A city’s opening centennial ceremony sounds like a drab, sober ribbon-cutting or an historian-orchestrated parade, full of crying babies and... More >>

  • A Warehouse Is a Party house

    published November 11, 2010

    The venue of choice in which to party these days is the warehouse. Because, sure, bars can add features like an art show, and we’ll dig ... More >>

  • Girls’ Club

    published November 4, 2010

    The Monterey Club is a venue loved by music junkies, and now it’s scoring the fashionistas when it hosts its second Pin-Up Fashion... More >>

  • Zombie Dance

    published October 28, 2010

    There are no rules on Halloween: If it’s on a Sunday, you are still doing it up. But don’t commit any crimes — unless they are ones... More >>

  • The Haunted Warehouse

    published October 28, 2010

    Many wouldn’t attend an event after they hear it’s at a warehouse. New Times gets it. Sounds like no AC, very un-yuppie, scary... More >>

  • The Story of the Three Bars

    published October 21, 2010

    Wednesday, New Times will be dressed up as Goldilocks at the Ghoulish Gathering: Halloween Dance Party at Monterey Club. Our tale... More >>

  • Power of One

    published October 14, 2010

    Saturday, the power of man over beast and the power over self will be on display. Stop at the round purple signs in downtown Fort Lauderdale and... More >>

  • Flaunt It All

    published October 14, 2010

    Folks looking longingly at their $1 PBR tallboys is a recurring theme of the night at Flaunt Thursdays. The endless stream of skinny jeans... More >>

  • Village of a Million Corpses

    published October 7, 2010

    The south tip of the USA has always been possessed: South Florida greed, South Florida debauchery, the mayhem. The Sunshine State can be dark,... More >>

  • From Dusk Till Dawn, Squared

    published September 30, 2010

    The day might be here when abstinent vampires à la Twilight and nymphomaniac vampires à la True Blood can mix —... More >>

  • Disco or Pop

    published September 23, 2010

    Calling on all disco fiends: The disco ball is back where it should be — on top of the dance floor — and you’re needed. It’s a... More >>

  • Luck Be a Lady

    published September 9, 2010

    A high school student’s film got a theatrical release — at more than 15 theaters, from Miami to West Palm Beach. That’s quite a... More >>

  • Dub City Derby Girls Get Creamed (Just Not the Way You Think)

    published August 26, 2010

    At the bar, upon hearing that there was an unique wrestling match going on, one rowdy reporter quipped: "Nobody eats cream corn anymore; they just... More >>

  • Swerve in These Art Roads

    published August 26, 2010

    Drive through the roads of FAT Village and you may take in a condo building, maybe even a storefront. Now stroll through them and you'll see that... More >>

  • Viva Biba

    published August 19, 2010

    For eight years, there has been a steady spot for Wednesdays and booze in West Palm Beach. Within two miles of downtown, in the El Cid district,... More >>

  • The Big 18

    published August 12, 2010

    Dear Pembroke Pines: Kudos for taking the former laundry facility of the old South Florida State Hospital and turning it into a residency for 18... More >>

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