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  • 8 days ago | Things To Do

    Thu 7/23 Art #AmourTriumphs Unless you were doing a social media cleanse the week of June 26, you probably noticed something significant that happened online in the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. Suddenly, even the people...

  • 16 days ago | Things To Do

    Thursday, July 16 Have you ever thought that you most certainly nailed a job interview with cool-as-a-cucumber composure only to peep down at your armpit region afterward to see two gigantic sweat stains pooling faster than you can safely exit the...

  • 22 days ago | Things To Do

    Thu 7/9 Food + Drink Ladies and Lagers Men drink beer. Ladies sip wine. That's the stereotype anyway. Like all generalizations, though, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of exceptions to the rule. Although there certainly are more male brewers...

  • 28 days ago | Film Podcast

    The upcoming Amy Winehouse documentary Amy is one of the best music docs Village Voice film critic Stephanie Zacharek has ever seen, and she explains why to Voice film editor Alan Scherstuhl and LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson this week. Also ...

  • 30 days ago | Things To Do

    Thursday, July 2 Back in 1957, at a lecture in Sweden, Albert Camus coined a two-word directive that artists from across nationalities, centuries, and media have taken as gospel: "Create Dangerously." The exhortation has a provocative, inspiration...

  • 1 month ago | Film Podcast

    On this week's Voice Film Club podcast, the LA Weekly's Amy Nicholson and the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl in New York disagree on just about everything in Ted 2 — except that it has a few very funny moments — but only after revisiting the impr...


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