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  • 2008 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published July 25, 2007

    "Trials & Stribulations"

  • 2008 - Page One Contest/Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists, published April 18, 2007

    "Newspaper War"

  • 2006 - Investigative Reporters and Editors, published July 20, 2005

    "The Hit Parade Revisited"

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  • At Work in the Fields of the Lord

    published December 30, 1999

    Six years ago Marie Nonombre came to South Florida for one simple reason: to work. This was not an option in Haiti, her homeland. "You finish your... More >>

  • The Real Sugar Bowl

    published November 18, 1999

    Approaching Belle Glade on County Road 880 on Friday evening, the muck is all around you. The rich, sugar cane-yielding soil is closer to coal in... More >>

  • No Bird Is an Island

    published November 11, 1999

    The sisserou parrot will never make it as the poster child for endangered species. Nobody would pay $1 million-plus to exhibit a sisserou in a... More >>

  • How to Become Homeless

    published October 28, 1999

    Allen Smith's home of eight years is a pop-up trailer that no longer pops -- and hasn't for a long time. It's the kind of contraption you drag... More >>

  • Burning Down the House

    published October 14, 1999

    On February 8, 1999, Kathryn Malie traveled to Fort Lauderdale City Hall to clear her name. The 14-year veteran bureaucrat was armed with a... More >>

  • Lobbying Under the Influence

    published September 23, 1999

    David Heilman is making the most of happy hour. A slow but steady stream of Bacardi rum and Cokes, interspersed with glasses of Budweiser, appear... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published September 23, 1999

    John Prine In Spite of Ourselves (Oh Boy... More >>

  • Notes From the Underground

    published September 9, 1999

    Rod MacDonald is setting up shop on what constitutes a stage at the Coffee Gallery Café in Lake Worth. Dressed in sandals, black shorts,... More >>

  • Padre Pio's Big Adventure

    published August 12, 1999

    Padre Pio wrestled with Satan -- literally. The eccentric Italian Capuchin Catholic priest would sometimes emerge from his bedroom to... More >>

  • A Short-Order War

    published August 5, 1999

    Bruce Godfrey is sitting at a booth in the Malibu East Restaurant and Coffee Shop. Behind him is a shrine to The Wizard of Oz, adorned with... More >>

  • The Sex Empire Strikes Back

    published July 17, 1999

    In late May, Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle, Broward County state attorney Michael Satz, and other local politicians and upholders of the law... More >>

  • The Sex Empire Strikes Back

    published July 8, 1999

    Info:Correction Date: 09/16/1999 Info: The Sex Empire Strikes Back Adult businesses in Broward put the heat on the heat by... More >>

  • Total ConFusion

    published June 24, 1999

    The fluorescent green lizard wearing a Miami Fusion uniform has picked a bad time to visit section 113. It is about midway through the... More >>

  • Rank and Revile

    published May 27, 1999

    Assembled at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' hall on State Road 84 are the workers who keep Fort Lauderdale functioning.... More >>

  • A Pugilist in Pinstripes

    published May 20, 1999

    The objects that adorn Alberto Milian's office in the Broward County courthouse in Fort Lauderdale tell more about the Cuban-born prosecutor than... More >>

  • The Great Barrier Beef

    published April 15, 1999

    The heavyset woman at the microphone is telling a sob story in a halting Hispanic accent. It's the story of how her laundromat is being lost. When... More >>

  • One Last Shot

    published April 8, 1999

    Every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 Danny DiLiberto climbs into his battered yellow Toyota Tercel with a cardboard license plate and drives 60 minutes... More >>

  • Out of the Closet and Into Battle

    published March 25, 1999

    Ken Wolf expected opposition in his run for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission seat recently vacated by John Aurelius. As an openly gay... More >>

  • Historical Relic or Load of Crap -- You Make the Call

    published March 4, 1999

    James Randi, a.k.a the Amazing Randi, has made a career out of debunking purportedly fantastical events. In the late '70s, the magician and... More >>

  • You Have the Right to Remain Flaccid

    published February 25, 1999

    They came with hoods on and guns drawn in the middle of the night. They brazenly swept past the signs cautioning, "If nudity or sexual activity... More >>

  • Dead Man Waiting

    published February 11, 1999

    William Duane Elledge had a moment of flawed prophecy on March 27, 1975. The 24-year-old drifter and carnival worker known as Willie... More >>

  • Condomania

    published January 14, 1999

    In the courtroom of Judge Robert W. Lee sit the past six presidents of the International Village Association. They are all gray-haired and a bit... More >>

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