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  • Usin’ the Abby-Normal Brain

    published October 7, 2010

    Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was a revolutionary novel that questioned the human condition and made insightful social commentary on the... More >>

  • A Different Sinbad

    published September 30, 2010

    The name Sinbad conjures up one of two images: a Persian sailor in a vest and swishy pants, or a black comedian in a vest and swishy pants. (And,... More >>

  • Pleasurable Fright

    published September 30, 2010

    The truth is, nothing is ever as scary as the stuff that scared mini-you: like when the shadows cast by your nightlight were enough to keep you... More >>

  • Anime Yourself

    published August 26, 2010

    If you were a tween in the '90s and you did not watch Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon after school every day, well, congratulations... More >>

  • Pinup Art

    published August 19, 2010

    Rockabilly isn’t hard to spot. If you see a woman covered in ’50s-pinup-style tattoos; if you see a man with greased-back hair and a... More >>

  • Hot Babes in Bikinis for Bucks

    published August 12, 2010

    There are few things more cliché than a bikini contest in Fort Lauderdale. Since the first humans walked upright (and all the good bits... More >>

  • A Different Karaoke World

    published August 5, 2010

    For every happy-hour diva who’s a musical legend in her own mind, there’s a buzzed barfly who finds nothing so entertaining as a... More >>

  • Anything ’80s Will Do

    published July 15, 2010

    The first ’80s-themed party probably took place sometime in early 1990. Maybe it was the Rubik’s Cubes, the neon colors, or the slatted... More >>

  • Street Soccer

    published July 8, 2010

    With the improved U.S. Team, this year more Americans followed the FIFA World Cup than ever before, and while Americans might be new to soccer... More >>

  • Art by Fire Works

    published July 1, 2010

    A Lake Worth gallery is taking advantage of Independence Day by putting its own brand of “fire works” on display with “Artists Who... More >>

  • Live Art

    published June 24, 2010

    Art’s not merely defined by its final product — fine, performance, and literary art is art in the doing -— and that’s what... More >>

  • The Incredible Hunk

    published June 17, 2010

    Sure, everyone always assumed that Barbie liked Ken best — they had that dream house together, and Ken always was a spiffy dresser — not... More >>

  • Pop Goes Circumstance

    published June 3, 2010

    “Romance Man” might not have a symbol in the sky like Batman, and he might not have an alien birth father like Superman, but... More >>

  • Bounce Beats

    published May 20, 2010

    You’re at a live show, and the music is bumping. You’re dancing as the lead singer hits every note but it’s not enough...... More >>

  • Time Machine: No Hot Tub Needed

    published May 13, 2010

    Most folks didn’t get their fill of the ’80s in the ’80s. And who pays for this? Your kids — every time you insist on wearing... More >>

  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose?

    published May 6, 2010

    With Earth Day behind us again, the green- conscious know they need to get creative to keep the attention of an easily distracted public. The... More >>

  • Fast Feet

    published April 29, 2010

    The Irish music and dance show Riverdance will make a stop at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts for its farewell tour. Next... More >>

  • Women’s Lib

    published April 22, 2010

    If anthropomorphized lady parts — women monologuing on behalf of their vaginas — is all you know about women’s theater, then you... More >>

  • Volunteer Drinking

    published April 15, 2010

    If you would like to help out troubled teens without interrupting your busy drinking schedule, come out Saturday to Seminole Hard Rock’s... More >>

  • Proud Queens

    published March 25, 2010

    Decked-out divas will strut the stage at Lake Worth Playhouse 8 p.m. Friday and again on Saturday for the third-annual Playhouse Pride Week drag... More >>

  • ’Tis the Fest Season

    published March 11, 2010

    Florida seasons might not be too different from one another, but where our seasons lack change, our festivals make up for it: Some standouts... More >>

  • A Full House (or an Empty Bank Account)

    published March 4, 2010

    If you have no idea what a “$500+$50 buy-in” means, you haven’t played a game of poker that can truly hurt your bank account —... More >>

  • Make It a Cabaretfest

    published February 18, 2010

    When you think of Germany, perhaps springing to mind are the Autobahn, Oktoberfest, and lederhosen. Beautiful dancing girls and titillating sexual... More >>

  • Empowerment Road

    published February 4, 2010

    Nova Southeastern University will celebrate Black History Month with a grand-opening reception from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday for the... More >>

  • Not Your Grandma’s Antiques

    published January 28, 2010

    Antiques. I know what you might be thinking. But, hold on… antiques can be fun! Just check out the antiques/art at the 2010 Dania Beach... More >>

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