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  • Pint Guard

    published December 4, 2008

    Yeah, it’s the Bobcats again. If you’re still wondering whether Charlotte really does have a team (only since 2004, after the... More >>

  • No Jokin'

    published November 20, 2008

    After trading its best player, Florida is among the NHL’s worst teams Ah, but it hurt to say goodbye to Olli Jokinen, the... More >>

  • Unmade Marion

    published November 20, 2008

    The only bright spot of Shawn Marion getting his groin tweaked against the Hornets, and Dorell Wright and James Jones also out with injuries, was... More >>

  • Breakdance

    published November 13, 2008

    If anyone doubts that basketball can be a brutish game — or that Shawn Marion is something of a space cadet — consider that he... More >>

  • The 39 steps

    published November 6, 2008

    Yo. Thirty-nine years old, in fact. To be a 39-year old boxer, you gotta have ropey old-man muscles, hardness built on hardness: That’s the... More >>

  • Impressive

    published October 30, 2008

    Aside from Harriet Miers and bodybag manufacturers, probably no one else in America has seen their fortunes rise faster with Dubya’s reign... More >>

  • Piled, Driven

    published October 23, 2008

    On one end of the wrestling spectrum is the spectacle of your typical WWE match, with Armageddon choreographed like a hair metal video. Then... More >>

  • Hot Helped Heat

    published October 16, 2008

    It’s hard to find many teams that rose faster and fell further in the NBA than the Memphis Grizzlies, who won 50 games as recently as... More >>

  • Pheeling Phine

    published September 18, 2008

    That the 2008 Marlins did as well as they did — which is looking more and more like a squarely .500 run, no better than it is worse... More >>

  • A Jet All the Way

    published September 4, 2008

    To announce his starting quarterback for the season opener, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano told reporters simply, “It’s Chad,”... More >>

  • Marlins Vs. Braves

    published August 28, 2008

    With the likes of the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies propping it up, and the Washington Nationals guaranteed to crawl under the house and... More >>

  • The World is Flatts’

    published August 14, 2008

    Even if you don’t know you know Rascal Flatts, you have only to think the words “life is a highway” to begin humming their... More >>

  • Redbirds in the Black

    published August 7, 2008

    There are several other teams in the mix – the charging Milwaukee Brewers, the stinkin’ New York Mets, the hard-slugging Philadelphia... More >>

  • Marlins Vs. Mets

    published July 24, 2008

    More than perhaps any other Marlins opponent, the New York Mets have a way of turning visits to Dolphin Stadium into de facto home... More >>

  • Chipper Shredder

    published July 17, 2008

    Chipper Jones’ season-long flirtation with the most hallowed of numbers in a sport full of them — that would be a batting average of... More >>

  • Imposing

    published July 10, 2008

    You have to hand it to the National Physique Committee, the sanctioning organization of American beefcake and of the 2008 NPC Southern States... More >>

  • Rays Gun

    published June 19, 2008

    It would be fair to call Tampa Bay and Florida the surprise teams of the American and National League, respectively, and for once it’s not... More >>

  • Phillin’ it

    published June 5, 2008

    The Phillies are either the team you most want to see as a Marlins fan, or the most feared. The Marlins made their surprise run to... More >>

  • Shadow Boxing

    published May 22, 2008

    Boxing remains a mere shadow of its former self — looking as though the sweet science could use a few more lab credits, perhaps — so the... More >>

  • Crick in the Park

    published May 22, 2008

    It’s no exaggeration to say Broward County owns the nicest cricket facility in the United States. That may not seem much of a distinction,... More >>

  • ’Backs in Black

    published May 15, 2008

    After winning the World Series in 2001, then wandering the desert for a few years, the Arizona Diamondbacks have gradually rebuilt... More >>

  • Best of the Worst

    published May 8, 2008

    Woe unto the Marlins fan! A recent issue of ESPN The Magazine determined, in its periodic wisdom, that among the 122 major sports teams in... More >>

  • Savoring April

    published April 17, 2008

    Here’s why April rules: Because the Marlins can sit in first place for a few moments, even as they surrender 50 percent more runs than... More >>

  • Cane Collapse

    published March 27, 2008

    On Sunday, you, dear University of Miami fan, watched the Hurricanes nearly claw their way past the favored Texas Longhorns into the Sweet 16.... More >>

  • March of the Panthers

    published March 27, 2008

    Finally, the Panthers have shown some pluck! After losing eight of 10, Florida won everything they played in the first half of this month,... More >>

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