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2008 Stories by Scott Foundas

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  • Forgiven

    published December 25, 2008

    Walt Kowalski growls a lot — a dyspeptic rumble that wells up from deep inside his belly when he catches sight of his midriff-baring... More >>

  • Old Man Pitt

    published December 25, 2008

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is certainly curious — a modest F. Scott Fitzgerald story about a man born in the twilight of... More >>

  • It's a Miserable Life

    published December 18, 2008

    Two years ago nearly to the day, Will Smith and Italian director Gabriele Muccino released The Pursuit of Happyness, one of the most... More >>

  • The World Is a Stage

    published November 13, 2008

    If you traveled the length of John Malkovich's medulla oblongata, hung a sharp left at the desk where Beckett's Krapp recorded his last tape, and... More >>

  • Lies We Can Believe In

    published October 9, 2008

    A new kind of war movie for a new kind of war, Body of Lies is about the War on Terror as it is being waged on the ground, in the air,... More >>

  • Very Minor Miracle

    published September 25, 2008

    On some level, you've got to hand it to Spike Lee. There are probably less than a handful of directors working in Hollywood today who could put... More >>

  • Your Friends and Neighbors

    published September 18, 2008

    Earlier this year, when I found myself assigned to jury duty on a drug-related trial in Los Angeles Superior Court, our jury foreman turned out... More >>

  • In the Heat of the Knight

    published September 4, 2008

    And so, another summer movie season comes to an end not with a bang but with a whimper — what else to call four new releases (Babylon... More >>

  • Mighty Aphrodites

    published August 14, 2008

    Perhaps this review should begin with a disclaimer: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen's 39th film as writer/director, will do little... More >>

  • Change You Can't Believe In

    published July 31, 2008

    Swing Vote is an election-themed comedy that's about twice as smart as you expect it to be and still only half as smart as you wish it... More >>

  • Men Will Be Boys

    published July 24, 2008

    I haven't seen much at the movies in the past two years that has given me as much unbridled comic pleasure as the sight of Will Ferrell as the... More >>

  • Heart of Darkness

    published July 17, 2008

    What a brooding pleasure it is to return to Christopher Nolan's Gotham City — if "pleasure" is the right word for a movie that gazes so... More >>

  • Supermarket Sweep

    published June 12, 2008

    Screenwriter Steven Conrad writes movies about success and self-fulfillment in America — how we define it, the price we pay for it, and... More >>

  • A Polish auteur -- and Mike Tyson! -- stage comebacks at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

    published May 29, 2008

    Call them the comeback kids: In its early days, the 2008 Cannes Film Festival has served as a staging ground for a number of unlikely returns,... More >>

  • Mighty Avenger

    published May 1, 2008

    Chalk it up to personal preference, but I've always been fonder of those comic-book heroes who emerge by intent rather than happenstance. I... More >>

  • Fourth and Inches

    published April 3, 2008

    When Time recently featured George Clooney on its cover accompanied by the headline "The Last Movie Star" — note, not even a... More >>

  • Apolitical Theater

    published March 27, 2008

    Considering that the war in Iraq has proven to be Washington's shot-by-shot remake of Vietnam, it's only natural that Hollywood has followed... More >>

  • Pity the Fool

    published February 7, 2008

    When a friend recently told me that she'd been confused by the poster for the Matthew McConaughey-Kate Hudson fortune-hunting romp Fool's... More >>

  • Life Stinks, Blah, Blah, Blah

    published January 17, 2008

    I do think the writing is pessimistic — all that stuff about life being a tragic experience," says Angela Stark (played by newcomer... More >>

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