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  • Old-Timey Christmas

    published December 4, 2014

    If neighborhood Christmas-light tours, curbside caroling, and cups of eggnog shared among friends sounds like something of a naive, Rockwellesque... More >>

  • Give Peace a Chance

    published December 4, 2014

    Student-led holiday concerts have come a long way since the days of sour notes, off-time handclaps, and solos only a mother could love. Exhibit A:... More >>

  • Psychic Cabaret

    published November 27, 2014

    In this jaded world of ours, the bar for the “Best Date Nights of All Time” is set pretty high. There are a few basic requirements... More >>

  • Performance Art

    published November 27, 2014

    “Everything in South Florida is refined, polished, and perfected — we are trying (without trying) to break that mold,” says... More >>

  • Get Your Snow Fix

    published November 20, 2014

    While the Miss Manners, Martha Stewarts, and other doyens of holiday etiquette might pop a blood vessel throwing side-eye at those who put up a... More >>

  • Puppetmaster at Work

    published November 20, 2014

    If it seems like ventriloquism is having a moment as of late — you can thank a few tight-lipped, busy-handed entertainers who are quickly... More >>

  • Amy Schumer’s Back Door

    published November 13, 2014

    Many a late-night Comedy Central fan would immediately recognize quick-witted comedian Amy Schumer for her ability to drop biting one-liners and... More >>

  • Take an eating tour

    published November 13, 2014

    Put Anthony Bourdain's far-flung foodie experiences on mute and listen — not all culinary undertakings happen in some exclusive, distant... More >>

  • Yogic Glow

    published November 6, 2014

    Reading over the lineup for the JETS Full Moon & Glow Yoga Bash at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale gives off that vibe that someone with some sense... More >>

  • The Exhibit

    published November 6, 2014

    Would the viewer glean as much meaning from a solemn Frida Kahlo self-portrait had they not heard the backstory of Kahlo learning to paint as she... More >>

  • Freaks, Geeks, and Queens

    published October 30, 2014

    As this week creeps along and Halloween dressage has yet to be selected, first instincts may be to dash to the Halloween Superstore and bombard... More >>

  • Zombies Everywhere

    published October 23, 2014

    There are but a few instructions on pulling off a perfect zombie walk. Start by slouching one shoulder toward the ground. Now do your best... More >>

  • Ghostly Gathering

    published October 23, 2014

    Many a starving artist can attest to this little truth nugget: Art is a struggle. A little support — be it financial or just a shoulder to... More >>

  • Happy Birthday, Broward

    published October 16, 2014

    If it seems like you can't log a mile on your pedometer app lately without running into a block party, the roped-off neighborhood jam may have... More >>

  • Body Art

    published October 16, 2014

    Florida has a deep love for and sordid history with human oddities, and no, not just who we elect to the governor's office but with the actual... More >>

  • Stand Up and Work It

    published October 9, 2014

    You could file this one under "For Fans of Toastmasters, Full-Blown Anxiety, Uncomfortable Childhood Stories, and Long Awkward Pauses," but as... More >>

  • A Stitch in Time

    published October 2, 2014

    For seven years and running, South Florida's much-loved indie craft fair Stitch Rock has continued to help boost the numbers of folks leaving... More >>

  • Stanzas for Change

    published September 25, 2014

    San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Chicago. Of all of the top literary cities in the United States, Fort Lauderdale may not be one that... More >>

  • Support Your Local Playwright

    published September 25, 2014

    For the past ten years, the Ghost Light Series has brought together a clutch of literary folks, including county library employee Kevin Johnson,... More >>

  • It's Gettin' Haute in Here

    published September 18, 2014

    Sitting the folks down and announcing your life's dream to be a fashion designer isn't always met with the same enthusiasm as say, the dental... More >>

  • Mysterious Weekend

    published September 18, 2014

    There aren't many qualifications for the Sunday Sleuths book club at beloved mystery bookshop and performance space Murder on the Beach. One, the... More >>

  • Sushi & Stroll

    published September 11, 2014

    This summer's to-do list held so much promise: more sunset bike rides to the beach, more nighttime sea turtle sightings, more greenmarket visits,... More >>

  • Greed Is Good

    published September 11, 2014

    Judging from the Martin Scorsese treatment of the memoirs of the "Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort -- there are some things in life we might... More >>

  • Comic Comrades

    published September 4, 2014

    It's not every day you come across a true friend, one to sit and have a good laugh with when embarrassing paparazzi pictures surface of the two of... More >>

  • Fight Night

    published August 28, 2014

    Although the sport of MMA has seen its fair share of headlines lately, they have not been the kind that an industry would strive for. With the... More >>

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