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2003 Stories by Tim Grierson

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  • Atmosphere

    published October 30, 2003

    Some day, Slug is going to find a loving, mature relationship with a sensible wonderful woman. He will be grateful to have finally arrived at that... More >>

  • The Handsome Family

    published October 23, 2003

    In these days of crushing uncertainty and desperate misery, the Handsome Family gives dread a decidedly cheerful twist. A married couple who sing... More >>

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    published October 16, 2003

    Distortion and attitude. Attitude and distortion. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club don't know much beyond these two rock 'n' roll tenants. And,... More >>

  • Prince Paul

    published September 4, 2003

    You're a legend in the hip-hop world. Tired of the crap diluting the market, you want your latest joint to show the youngsters how it's done. Why... More >>

  • Ilya

    published August 14, 2003

    The great horror movies aren't about the gore. Rather, they linger in the mind, creep into your thoughts, spook your waking hours. Ilya has... More >>

  • Idlewild

    published April 10, 2003

    Idlewild has consistently surpassed its emo contemporaries. On The Remote Part, the group crafts emotional, affecting, vital rock music.... More >>

  • Muggs

    published March 13, 2003

    As a producer and beatmaker, Muggs gets off on dirty-grimy-sexy. He loves its unmistakable whiffs of grit and cool. While he was producing the... More >>

  • Joni Mitchell

    published February 13, 2003

    Here is a woman who, for a too-brief span of the early to mid-1970s, was the best songwriter in the world. For four great records -- starting with... More >>

  • Doug Martsch

    published February 6, 2003

    Doug Martsch, the soul and pulse of Built to Spill, was never much of a rock 'n' roll egoist. And now that his band is on hiatus and he's doing... More >>

  • Scarface

    published January 16, 2003

    Brad Jordan's greatest contribution to hip-hop's thug life will forever be his work with the Geto Boys on the bone-dry cautionary tale "Mind... More >>

  • The Apples in Stereo

    published January 9, 2003

    Shallow, shallow, shallow. Fun, fun, fun. With their disposable, flammable little guitar pop, the Apples in Stereo walk the line between lo-fi... More >>

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