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  • A Serious Fan Recalls Meeting Gregg Allman

    published October 15, 2009

    The parted top of Gregg Allman's long, blond hair nearly touched the tour bus ceiling. His damaged but muscular body filled the narrow hallway in... More >>

  • Cohen's Loss is the World's Gain

    published October 15, 2009

    It's the tour those of us younger Leonard Cohen fans -- the ones who discovered his music through the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, covers of... More >>

  • The Sounds' Maja Ivarsson discusses "freaky stuff."

    published September 24, 2009

    Maja Ivarsson doesn't like to talk about being a sex symbol. Despite this, the lead singer of Swedish new-wave rockers the Sounds understands... More >>

  • Political Boss

    published September 10, 2009

    It was 2008, and another term of Republican rule remained a cruel possibility. Then Bruce Springsteen — the year's... More >>

  • Reverend Revealed

    published September 10, 2009

    There have always been misconceptions surrounding Reverend Horton Heat. For starters, there is no preacher frontman – it's just a name. Then... More >>

  • Pieces of Her

    published August 27, 2009

    I'm not a girl, not yet fit to be a mom: Paparazzi photograph Spears in February 2006 driving with son Sean Preston in her lap, and moms... More >>

  • Brotherly Love

    published July 16, 2009

    Success has fractured many brotherly relationships. Just ask Oasis, the Kinks, or the Black Crowes. But acoustic rockers the Avett Brothers are... More >>

  • Rebel Proud

    published July 9, 2009

    Shelton Hank Williams III terrifies most folks in his hometown of Nashville. He has alienated himself from every Music City "name," including... More >>

  • First Bassist of Funk

    published July 9, 2009

    Few sounds are as infectiously timeless as New Orleans funk. Credit bassist George Porter Jr. for helping create that unstoppable sonic template... More >>

  • The Legendary J.C.s

    published June 11, 2009

    Few frontmen are as wildly energetic as the Legendary J.C.s' Eugene Snowden. Backed by a fierce, taut eight-piece, he adroitly re-creates the... More >>

  • Brass Act

    published May 14, 2009

    It's a recent Friday, the second and final weekend of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival held this past April. Although it's only... More >>

Archives: 2009