• @ZachIsWeird
    8 May, 2018

    The nightmare never ends: Conspiracy theorists think a Brooklyn chef is a Parkland ‘crisis actor.’ It's terrifying. https://t.co/fSxiJzV4nX

  • @ZachIsWeird
    4 May, 2018

    @RiveraEliasOmar Hi are you still there? Molina's Ranch, Mesa BBQ, La Fresa Francesa.

  • @ZachIsWeird
    29 April, 2018

    The great catfish war rages on https://t.co/xHoIKkiGWh

  • @ZachIsWeird
    22 April, 2018

    Florida gubernatorial candidate @adamputnam's family citrus business violated federal labor laws https://t.co/9MN6w9gtOL

  • @ZachIsWeird
    18 April, 2018

    RT @CBSMiami: Fresh Florida Spiny Lobster is a favorite at local restaurants, but did you know most lobster caught locally end up in China…


Zachary Fagenson

Zachary Fagenson

Zachary Fagenson is the restaurant critic for Miami New Times, and proud to report a cholesterol level of 172.

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