Best Hotel/Broward County

When we pulled into port and took a turn to starboard, there it was: 16 floors of rest and respite from the seas. We had brought our 148-foot yacht (The Lucky Journalist) in from a winter tour of the Caribbean. Our captain, Raphael, thought it best to bring the ship to the mainland before hurricane season and give the crew of six a rest. As upscale boat owners, we booked ourselves into a poolside lanai room with a sultry, tropical feel that kept us from going into withdrawal. Just to keep ourselves feeling shipshape, we indulged in mud, massage, and haircut at the Spa LXVI. We then took on food supplies aplenty at the aptly named Mariner's Grille and imbibed some grog at the relaxing Pelican Bar. As the sun set, we climbed to the revolving bar that sits on top of the hotel. While the tourists gawked at cruise ships, we took pleasure in keeping a close eye on our yacht docked at the pier. Note to Raphael: Make sure to install more lights on board so all the bar patrons can be duly impressed with the rewards of journalism.

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