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Let's face it: The Hollywood Broadwalk is cool because it's retro. This slice of blacktop on the sand is sooooo '50s. Rather than art deco like South Beach, this place recalls the time when cars had fins and families were, well, families. And what exactly was the glue that bound those bratty brothers, sarcastic sisters, and beleaguered parents? It was mini-golf. And this tiny, fenced-in course really has a 1950s feel about it. None of that high-tech stuff they have at those modern amusement parks. No giant windmills, triple-switcheroo clown figurines, or electronic sirens. Nosireebob. FunTyme costs but $5 for adults and $3 for kids, and you get a free game if you rent any of its bicycles or scooters. And if you must meet someone on Broward County's most retro waterfront, all you really have to say to 'em is "Let's meet at the mini-golf course" and they'll know just what you're talking about.

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