Best Place To Speed

South Florida is congested as hell. Yet it seems that every other car on the road is a Corvette, Porsche, or some other high-horse ride that was born to run. What to do? You can take the tack most do around here and drive like a freakin' idiot from stoplight to stoplight, or you can point that pony west and open 'er up on Alligator Alley. We recommend the latter for three reasons: (a) It's straight and flat as a pool table, which means that (b) there aren't many places for the cops to hide, and (c) traffic is usually light and well spaced so that, if you run off the road at a high speed, you won't take innocent bystanders with you. You still have to keep an eye peeled for the Florida Highway Patrol, but if you're the least bit alert, you should be able to get away with exceeding the speed limit. Just don't send us the ticket if they nab you.

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