Best Reason To Watch The Miami Fusion (On Television)

Perhaps sportscaster Ray Hudson is the reason the Fusion can barely get a paltry 8000 fans into the seats at Lockhart Stadium. Instead of shelling out $12 to sit in the hot sun, everyone's at home in the a/c watching and listening to Hudson's overheated commentary on the Sunshine Network. We wouldn't blame them. The shaggy-haired Brit and former Fort Lauderdale Striker is to football broadcasts what John Madden is to, well, the other football broadcasts. Hudson's improvised, opinionated rants may occasionally veer into the zany and unsupportable, but at least he has some opinions. And when he describes a player as having "more curves and switches than Space Mountain," it's simply a joy to be in front of the tube. Those who still proclaim soccer a boring, lackluster sport have yet to hear Hudson call a match.


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