Best Imitation Of A "Best Of" Issue (1999)

City Link Best of Broward/Palm Beach '98

Only one publication qualifies for this category because only one started calling its yearly issue "Best Of" after New Times Broward•Palm Beach moved into Fort Lauderdale in November 1997. Six months later, what had formerly been known for years as "Survival Guide" (put out by City Link's predecessor, XS) was changed to "Best Of." Coincidence? We don't think so. The New Times group (ten papers nationwide) has been putting out "Best Of" issues for more than 20 years, Miami New Times for the last 10. In fact the artwork for City Link's first "Best Of" issue was done by the same collage artist, Bruce Helander, who created Miami's "Best Of" cover in 1996. But that's OK. City Link isn't known for its originality; it specializes in rehashing stories already reported by parent paper the Sun-Sentinel and reprinting snippets from others. In fact the more we think about it, the more we're reminded of that old saying, the one about imitation being flattering. City Link -- we never knew you cared.


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