You're hanging out at home, somewhere in far western Broward County, but before you head east for a trip to the beach or dinner on the Intracoastal, it would be great to know what you're in for in terms of weather. After all, you could sit at home in the rain or wind. And sure, you could watch the news for the weather or check out numerous Doppler radar sites on the Internet. But what about right now at an exact location? At, live video feeds put you on Fort Lauderdale beach and at numerous restaurants overlooking the Intracoastal. Surf sites other than justsurfit for local events information; the listings on this site are wanting. But the video feeds are unique. In addition to waterfront locales, it's possible to check out puppies and kittens from a Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control facility and the action at the Swap Shop circus. Oh, and if you're pining for the big city, you can trek to New York without leaving your terminal by clicking on cams in Times Square and midtown Manhattan.


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