Best Amateur Radio Station (2000)

WKPX-FM (88.5)

About six months ago, the Nielsen people -- the ones who survey radio and TV audiences -- came to us and wanted to know what we listen to in the car on the way to and from work. They're probably sorry they asked. We flip constantly between public radio (WLRN-FM, 91.3) and WKPX. Neither carries commercials, so the $2 the Nielsens paid us to fill out the little diary was all but wasted. No station manager in his right mind would up his ad rates based on our listening habits. But if our input spiked WKPX's ratings, great. The station deserves it. It's an amateur-hour operation, and the DJs sound like the high-school and college kids that they are. But they spin an eclectic mix of music you won't find on any other station in this sorry radio market. Where else can you get a mix of hip-hop, heavy metal, electronica, and stuff so weird it's unclassifiable, all in a single hour? That and the fact that they produce some of the strangest public service announcements in all of radiodom has earned the station a preset on our dial.


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