Best Band Name (2000)

Poopy Pants

Hey, now. Don't shy away from a band brave enough to call itself something slightly embarrassing. We've all had poopy pants at one time or another, with most of us perfecting the art of creating them at a very young age. North Miami troublemakers Poopy Pants are youthful, snotty, and irreverent, and sometimes they go for a deep, rumbling trombone-sax roar that almost encourages an onset of their name. Emerging last year with the fittingly titled Anal Devastation, the cover of which depicts a gentleman with a blazing stick of dynamite emerging from his hindquarters, Poopy Pants offer a quaintly pedestrian take on horn-driven ska-core with silly songs such as "Snap Into My Slim Jim." With any luck Poopy Pants has staying power -- because when a band like this gets cranky, it must be time to change them.


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