Best Bar/Palm Beach County (2000)

Bamboo Room

Wednesday night, 9 p.m. Stomp on up the leopard-print carpeted stairs at this barely year-old blues bar. No cover tonight. Upstairs, within the bamboo walls, bluesman in residence Keith B. Brown is just getting started on his Delta licks. Order up a Konig Pilsener, John Courage, or one of the other fine tap beers. Or try one of the dozens of cocktails available. There are always a few on special for $4. Lounge at the bar and admire the house collection of vintage cocktail shakers. Or work your way near the stage, collapse into one of the comfy lounge chairs, and settle in as Brown works his way through some Son House, Robert Johnson, and a smattering of originals. Between sets rack up a set of pool balls and punch up a few songs on the vast, all-blues jukebox. Order up another round. The world seems a much finer place.


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