Best Junkyard (2000)


There's a dichotomy inherent in junkyards. On one hand, they're brooding, melancholy places filled with the ruins of other people's lives. You never have to look far to find a head-size hole in a windshield or car seats heavily stained with black splotches of dried blood. On the other hand, junkyards are monuments to the possible. An artist turned loose in a good one can go into sensory overload -- so much raw material, so little time. And let's not forget the ability to keep your own car on the road for practically nothing by harvesting parts. Too many yards these days feature a surly guy behind the counter who'd laugh in your face if you asked to nose around. But at U-Pull-It, nosing around is the whole idea. It costs $1 to get in; after that you're free to roam the ruins of the machine age all damned day if you like. Bring your tools, steel-toed boots, and a wagon to haul off your booty. Just be a little reverential while you're wrenching: Most junkyards are haunted, and you don't want to anger the spirits.

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