Best Private School (2000)

The Sagemont School

Weston's the quintessential safe American suburb -- critics call it an escape from reality -- but don't make the mistake of thinking that your small children will miss out on the rich diversity of American culture if you send them to an expensive private school there. They won't. The Sagemont School offers classes from preschool to the eighth grade and has about 400 students who represent more than 30 countries, including all of the Central and South American nations. The student-teacher ratio is about ten to one, computers and bilingual education are standard, and parents are strongly encouraged to participate as volunteers in the education of their children. Many teachers at the school hold master's degrees; all are certified. Seated on a verdant, five-acre campus that includes a pond (fenced off from the facing playground), Sagemont's one-story structure unfolds in three pods joined by walkways. Every student from kindergarten up spends a lot of time on the computer, and the school offers before- and after-hours care. We think this is probably as good as it gets in Broward County for private education -- and of course you'll pay. Tuition is $7300 for younger kids and $9000 for those in the sixth grade and up. A new campus is under construction as a high school.

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