Best Place To Rollerblade (2000)

The Broadwalk

Whether you're the Brian Boytano of the pavement or decked out in more pads than an American Gladiator, this one and a half-mile stretch of beach is the perfect place to strap 'em up and wheel. The ride begins just south of Garfield Street at Hayes Street, where, if you don't own your own wheels, you can rent some at Sun and Fun Cycles and Rollerblades. You are rewarded on this path with a clear, unobstructed view of the sand, water, and sunbathing bodies for added motivation. We suggest first heading into the wind to get the exercise aspect out of the way. The 25-foot-wide path is relatively smooth and gives you plenty of room to stay clear of other bladers and walkers. This particular stretch is an area where wheels of all kinds coexist peacefully. Usually a friendly ring of a bell or an "On your left/right" provides ample warning of other bodies in motion. Groups of tall palm trees scattered along the way fronted by patches of swaying sea oats remind you of why it's great to live in South Florida and why the motels and time-shares on the west side of the pavement are full of tourists admiring your native color. Cool off with a quick dousing of the head under one of the many showers along the way and then make the turn and ride the breeze back. Mother Nature befriends you this time with a gentle push from behind and a smooth return ride. At Garfield Street you can relax with a slice of pizza at Angelo's Corner or get a soft-serve cone to cap off the day.


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