Best Bartender (2002)

Ty Fenton

The bar scene in South Florida leaves much to be desired. You spend the entire night competing for the attention of the harried bartender. You repeat the mantra, "Make eye contact, make eye contact, and maybe he'll notice me," but to no avail. By the time you place your order, happy hour has ended, and instead of the double Bombay G&T you waited all day to sip, you settle for a Miller Lite on draft. Bummer. Don't despair. Instead, make a beeline for the one place where the bartender knows your name: Legends Pub. On any given Friday night, Ty Fenton, with his 1000-megawatt smile and crew cut, is a regular guy in a world of Cocktail-esque drink slingers. He's a young man but old school in spirit -- he actually listens while you cry in your beer and doesn't seem to mind when drunken regulars start impromptu but friendly wrestling matches in the middle of the bar. (Beats a couch trip any day.)


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