Best Club Night (2002)


Drummer Steve Copeletti flies around in a helicopter during the day, working as an aerial photographer. Maybe his employment has given him ample opportunity to scout out locations for his monthly alt-music showcase, Poptopia, which has moved more often than a mobster in the Witness Protection Program. You'd need a helicopter to visit all the venues that have hosted Poptopia since its 1999 inception: the Surf Cafe and the Boca Pub in Boca Raton and Shakespeare's Pub in Wilton Manors have all made the short list. Now, Copeletti's Britpop fixation has found a new home at the Billabong Pub, where he and his groups, Whirlaway and the New Graduates (Copeletti drums with both), plus like-minded bands like See Venus, Volumen Cero, and Maypop, will no doubt regale audiences with the closest thing SoFla has to "college rock." Austin or Athens we're not -- by a long shot -- but Copeletti's perseverance has amounted to a decent approximation.


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