Best Club VIP Room (2002)

Cream at the Liquid Room

Cream is what you call an equal-opportunity VIP room. You can sport Puma sneakers and '70s glam sunglasses and throw in some spending cash -- and it's all good. Head to the back of the Liquid Room, beyond the velvet rope, through the etched glass and cherry wood doors and you might feel like you've walked into a Target commercial with all the mod-style beautiful people. The sleek room, which opened in December, is lined with Cream-color vinyl sofas. In the center is a bar that's larger than most VIP rooms and as big as one of the bars in the Liquid Room. Cream gets going around midnight, and Saturdays are its busiest days. DJs play a mixture of feel-good house with a dose of pop tunes by performers such as George Michael and Vanilla Ice. This new Clematis hot spot is the only place in West Palm Beach where you can hear female DJs Snezana and Hana, of Nikki Beach Club in Miami, play Miami-style house in West Palm Beach. This happens on Fridays.


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