Best Female Rock Vocalist (2002)

Paige Alison Harvey

Fort Lauderdale has always been one of those towns where talented bands grow too big for their britches and then bolt for the good life elsewhere. But the Livid Kittens have stuck around for nearly ten years to help make a good life right here. And it's a colorful one too: Paige Harvey is certainly the most eye-catching frontwoman around. Maybe she doesn't have the range of operatic divas, but she's in touch with her inner Gary Numan. The Livid Kittens' latest, More Flames to Fall in Love With, finds the band's sound migrating from speedskating goth-core to shimmering, metallic tunes washed in a radioactive acid bath. Harvey's voice is soft and menacing at the same time (check out the delicate "House on Fire" and gripping, streamlined takes on the Beatles' "She Said She Said" and the Prom Sluts' "Spastic.") And Harvey's sexy shenanigans are theatrical enough to provide the band its own in-the-flesh skin flick -- which just makes these Kittens harder to tame.


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