Best Movie Theater (2002)

Southport Cinema Café

In the old days, the relationship between dining out and a movie was clear and quite sequential. A matinee might lead to dinner, or an 8 o'clock show to a late-night meal, but ne'er the twain met. Videos changed that, however, and the pleasures of chewing and viewing during Hollywood blockbusters are now a living-room standard. Cinema Café is a logical extension of that merger, bringing, in essence, kitchen or restaurant to the screening room. Think you're satisfied with popcorn and Twizzlers? That's like limiting yourself to a lifetime of G-rated films. Try the café's platter of chicken fingers, wings, mozzarella, fried mushrooms, and onion rings for $11.95; it's enough for a small party. For the more veggie-minded, order the spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips. Main courses include chicken (BBQ, Cajun, and parmigiana), burgers, and pizza. Wash it down, if you wish, with theater-sanctioned beer or wine.


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