Best Place to Humiliate a Date (2002)

Slattery's Irish Restaurant & Public House

Slattery's, a tiny, dark watering hole where only the Irish dare go, can make winners feel like losers. At least, that's one possible outcome if you enter the bar on a Wednesday night for Slattery's "Alternative Pub Quiz." The proprietors promise fun and games all night, with the chance to win "T-shirts, drinks, and God Knows What Else." The ad hoc contest allows patrons to compete with one another on current events, world history -- and plenty of UK football trivia -- but sometimes yelling out the right answer can lead to an even toastier circle of hell. Your "prize" might entail your racing around in a circle, pounding a beer in seconds flat, or arm-wrestling your opponents, all because you answered a question correctly. Sometimes it's better to just be quiet and drink your Guinness in peace. Otherwise, says the in-house trivia master (a ringer for Mike Myers), you may well end up with "a punch in th' throat an' a kick in th' balls!"


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