Best Sports Bar (2002)

Arena Sports Bar

The key to a great sports bar is televisions. They must be legion -- a whole array of boob tubes should be scattered throughout the place so that at any moment, all one has to do to check the score is look up from the beer bottles and hot wings strewn across the table. This is Arena Sports Bar, where the televisions often outnumber the patrons. A big exception to this rule is when the Miami Dolphins games are blacked out. Arena has satellite TV, so the place is packed on those days with all the poor Fins fans who don't have dish. Another advantage to Arena Sports Bar is the shuffleboard table, which is very long and situated behind the largest television screen. Tabletop shuffleboard is swiftly vanishing from the bar scene, despite the fact that it's loads of fun. Foosball, apparently, is cheaper and lower maintenance. But if pucking around and watching sports are a couple of your favorite pastimes, this is the place.


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