Best Local Zine (2002)


Say what you will about Michael Koretzky, but he is undeniably irrepressible. And every now and then, he is very, very good. From his turbulent times at XS/City Link to his brief helmsmanship of the now-defunct weekly Free Times in Palm Beach, Koretzky keeps sharpening his role as universal thorn in the side. In his latest venture, the made-on-a-shoestring zine called Slug, he's rubbing the Palm Beach Post and the Sun-Sentinel the wrong way. Koretzky obtained copies of internal memos from the papers and pasted them all over his little publication. Want to see the unseemly Post gloat over the sales boost from 9/11? It's in there. Want to hear the cynical Post boast about beating the competition into the house of a nine-year-old girl who accidentally stabbed her brother in the heart? It's in there. While the raw ambition of the Post is laid bare, the Sun-Sentinel, in a strange way, comes off as even worse; the Sentinel's internal communiqués are unbearably boring in the worst, most sanitized, life-sucking corporate way. Check out this drivel from Sentinel management on strategies to increase readership: "Work on a variety of action plans is nearing completion.... Blitz the market with a campaign to increase our standing as the premiere provider of information." It makes you realize just how important those secondary and tertiary providers of information really are. Keep slugging, Koretzky.

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