Best Movie Place to Take the Kids (and a Six-Pack) (2002)

Swap Shop Drive-In

What better place can there be for Joe Six-Pack and clan? You got little kids and a taste for a beer and a flick, you get to the Swap Shop. After all, there's first-run movies there -- that's right, first run. Second, it's a great bargain; you drive in for a mere four bucks, while kids nine and under get in free. (If little Joe Jr.'s a late bloomer, you can stretch it to 11 or 12). Third, you're allowed to bring a cooler full of beer and food. For the little things you forget, vending stations sell burgers and pizza, and guys run around in golf carts selling snacks. Bring some folding chairs and a couple of blankets too. And beer. Did we mention beer?

Location Details

3291 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33311-5603

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