Best Cigars (2002)

Bennington Tobacconist

This place has it all, from A to Z. Or in this case, from Arturo Fuente to Zino. As long as you have something more than lint in your pockets, you should be able to pick up one of the cheaper cigarillos, which usually cost around 60 cents. But why do that to yourself? A good cigar will run you around $5, $10 if you really want to splurge. Of course, if you're the type to hemorrhage money whenever possible, prices go as high as $29.50 for a Davidoff Aniversario No. 1, which comes in its own tube. Once you've gotten a few cigars and developed a serious habit -- or addiction, as the case may be -- you'll want to purchase a humidor. Bennington sells them real cheap, $100 for a large one, which holds 150 to 200 cigars, or $65 for a small one, which accommodates up to 50 stogies. In all, the place boasts smokes from more than 80 manufacturers; each company has its own varieties, so you need never run out of new and exciting ways to do yourself respiratory damage.


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