2004 Edition

It's that time of year again. The summertime lull has set in, and you find yourself snoozing at odd hours. The world seems covered in gossamer. Drinking heavily rates as your second-most-taxing physical activity, after trimming your toenails. We are going to stop that.


We're gonna replace the doldrums with an explosion of fine food, fantastic drinks, and stupendous activity.

Read through the 314 short items that follow and you'll find our staff recommendations for the Best Escape from the Apocalypse (a JFK-inspired bunker on Palm Beach County's Peanut Island), the Best Place to Meet the Girl Next Door Ñ Naked (Jiggles Cabaret), and, of course, the Best Boobs (we're not telling you where this one is; we have to leave something to the imagination). Speaking of flights of fancy, check out the description of a band called Stickshift Lover.

You'll also discover what the public thinks. A record number of you voted this year in our Best of Broward-Palm Beach poll. Of course, you came up with McDonald's as the best French fries, Galleria as the best mall, and Voodoo Lounge as the best dance club. But your imagination stretches further. Your response to the best category we didn't ask: Best Swingers Club. Who says South Florida isn't obsessed with sex?

Finally, you'll find our choices for the shakers and movers of the community: a South Beach chef come north, a tough-as-nails police chief who's also a single mom, and a skateboard maven whose move made the Oxford English Dictionary. So shake it, baby. You'll have to move to keep up with these folks.

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