Best New Museum (2004)

Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History

After four years of moving about town to display its fascinating, unique cultural exhibits, the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History finally settled down in 2003 with a facility in Delray Beach. Established in 1999, the museum previously presented exhibits that explored the history of such varied topics as Third World cultures, fashion accessories, architecture, furnishings, toys, and just about any other cultural phenomenon with an interesting past. From lighthearted, multimedia exhibits like "The History of the Teddy Bear" to the more political "40 Years of the Barbie Doll" (in celebration of Women's History Month) to an earnest look at "The Removal of Indian Nations," the museum's wide range of subject matter makes for quite an enchanting afternoon -- one you'll not soon forget. A "Negro Baptismal" photography exhibit that opened in February runs through August 8. 2004 exhibits include "Lunchbox History" and "Creativity and Resistance: Marooned Cultures of the Americas." It's more than worth the $5 admission for adults and children over age 13.


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