Best Leather (2004)

Leather University

A skinny young man stands chained to the wall. Tight leather covers his torso and upper legs like a second skin. A large rubber ball gags him, allowing the man to breathe but restricting his speech. This ain't everyone's fantasy, but for thousands of gay men and women throughout the United States, sadomasochism is as sexy as it gets. And queer Fort Lauderdale is among the capitals of the S/M craze. Enter the not-for-profit Leather University, a Fort Lauderdale school that since 1995 has been teaching the gay and bisexual community how to satisfy its wildest fetishes in a safe environment. Regular classes include Breath Control, Fisting 101, Flogging 101, Paddling/Spanking, Shaving, and SM in the Real World. Additionally, Leather University hosts two SM events annually: Dungeon 901 (October 15 to 17) and Men's Academy (April 1 to 3, 2005).


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