Instead of bustin' your hump for The Man, you could be the man humping a bust for a livin'. Or a woman. You'll find work aplenty for both sexes posted on The help-wanted postings are conveniently listed in categories such as bartenders, dancers, sex video performers, escorts, sales/marketing, and webmasters. And judging by some recent help-wanted ads, South Florida is certainly a land of sex-for-cash opportunity. One SoFla auteur wrote that he "needs girls who can handle taking an extreme blow job (throat fucking, gagging, etc.)" A Fort Lauderdale adult video production company was "looking for hot, fun, kinky girls for video-only shoots. High pay per shoot, 30 minutes of work (approx 5-7 mins. of actual anal intercourse.)" If you're not willing to wait around for the right job, you can post your own résumé highlights, such as that by a flowing-haired blond who recently offered her services for "girl-on-girl video work" as a "lactating model." How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm now?

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