2005 Edition

Come one, come all. The amazing, incredible, fantabulous, seventh Best of Broward-Palm Beach is now yours for the reading.

Turn the page, dear sucker, um, patron, and discover the best restaurant in Fort Lauderdale: Trina. Learn about the area's best bum: a West Palm Beacher who does a flip before panhandling. And consider the numero uno lawn ornament, a tiki totem pole carved with a chain saw by Palm Beach County artist Carl "Marty" Gouveia. You'll also discover the top locations for Saudi Arabian, Filipino, and Korean chow, in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, and Lauderhill. And, if you have the backbone, you'll confront the best personalities: Preston Henn, owner of the world's most amazing flea market; Jackie Bressler, the woman who has caused a Revolution in downtown Fort Lauderdale's nightlife; and Michael Blum, the Hollywood restaurant owner for whom food preparation is theatrics.

So stroll through the carny, ogle the bendy lady and the conjoined twins, and be brave. It comes only once a year.

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