Best Place to Meet Intelligent Men (2005)

O'Hara's Jazz Café & Swing Street Bistro

When stalking the concrete jungle for signs of intelligent male life, it is essential to arm yourself with the knowledge that smart men have patterns. To start with, the IQ-blessed have interests. An easy way to weed out the masses is to start at a place like O'Hara's, where live jazz, dance, and classic rock bands play seven nights a week. Smart men have opinions and a gene that makes them love jazz. But don't let the hissing high-hat fool you. A love of classic rock is critical. Scope the scene when the oft-lauded cover band Breeze plays, because if the man sitting across the room with bourbon on ice and a cigar is into Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, chances are good that he's nostalgic about his tripped-out college days, when he managed to get a hefty dose of surrealism and all of his term papers in on time. Finally, smart men enjoy company but spurn crowds. The headcount inside and out in this bar is just right for bumping into interesting people without getting squished.


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