Best Festival (2005)

Florida Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park

Generally, the word huzzah is in short supply these days, its usage replaced by other exhortations of good will that tend to impart a more, shall we say, modern resonance. But for one glorious month each and every spring, the verdant glades and cool brooks of Quiet Waters Park resound with hollers of "Huzzah!" As you traipse around all day, buying tie-dyed T-shirts, pottery, and pewter while gawking at wenches in their tight bodices or strapping knights changing out of their shining armor, this Medieval exclamation of joy, triumph, and encouragement rings from the wood. Mud-beggars shriek it, jousters scream it, wizards and magicians whisper it, minstrels sing it. And ale-wives shout it as you buy tankard after tankard of cider, beer, and mead. Yes indeed, mead -- the honey wine from ancient times that dudes would quaff while sitting 'round the Round Table. Visiting the Ren-Fest is just about the only way to find the golden nectar in the whole state. And that sure calls for a round of huzzahs. In 2005, the event is scheduled for May 13, 14, and 15. Tickets cost $20 for one day and $35 for the weekend.

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