Best Director (2006)

Nanique Gheridian, Palm Beach Dramaworks

If you were to graph out geography versus number of theaters in South Florida, with north-south location on the y axis and numbers on the x axis, you'd get a pyramid. Miami's southern theaters form a wide base, Broward's occupy the narrower midsection, and Palm Beach Dramaworks sits pretty much alone at the graph's northern point. Regardless of its lonely place in WPB, though, PBD consistently offers a moving world inside 322 Banyan Blvd. that balances out the smarminess of Clematis a block away. Pulling off those productions has a lot to do with director Nanique Gheridian. In a period of just a few months this year, "Nanique of the North" wheeled out Hand of God and Educating Rita -- something new and something old. Both plays, with her nurtured stable of well-chosen actors, offered different worlds of deep contemplation that Gheridian seems to know, at heart, is a primary reason for going to the theater in the first place.


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