Best Production (2006)

Exits and Entrances at Florida Stage

Exits and Entrances, Athol Fugard's reflection on his early career as a rising playwright in South Africa, wasn't really a homegrown Broward or Palm Beach production. But neither was it a road show hopping into town for a couple of hyped nights of crazed theatergoing at the Broward or Kravis centers. Florida Stage's production was the play's East Coast premiere, with director Stephen Sachs' original cast from its debut at Los Angeles' Fountain Theatre in 2004. With Fugard-based playwright (William Dennis Hurley) and ham actor Andre (Morlan Higgins), Exits and Entrances mesmerized through talented actors who together won more than nine West Coast awards for their roles. But the play, because of its connection of on-stage fiction with the life and legacy of Fugard, was even more important to us than just insightful entertainment. It was a lens to explore the roots of one of the most important writers on the world stage since the mid-20th Century.


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