Lots of taverns serve free food; usually, you get what you pay for. Chex mix, jalapeño poppers from a hijacked Costco truck, pygmy chicken wings -- who needs that crap? Cucina dell'Arte is a restaurant during the day with all the swank you'd expect from Palm Beach (Rush Limbaugh sightings, walking plastic-surgery advertisements, enough empty beauty to shame a dozen Paris Hiltons), but at night, it's a fancy-schmancy watering hole. From around midnight until 3 a.m., the place fills with the cosmetically superior classes, the music is cranked considerably beyond 11, and the kitchen just keeps on rockin'. To go with the posher-than-thou cocktails and designer threads, the free pizza is typically high-end: You don't generally see complimentary goat cheese appetizers unless you've made it past St. Pete's pearly gates. Or you're in Palm Beach.

Location Details

257 Royal Poinciana Way
Palm Beach FL 33480


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