Best Neighborhood Bar in Fort Lauderdale (2006)

Grady's Bar

A bar made from wood? In downtown Fort Lauderdale? Not Italian marble or Spanish-quarry-mined granite or turquoise-colored melted glass? Yes, Ôtis true. Though Grady's has been an inner-city fixture for 35 years, it's now surrounded by growth and development, even as the block it sits on (for better or worse) remains much as it looked when the place started. Some of the regulars too have that weathered look. But a real neighborhood joint isn't about chasing trends or having ten flat-screen TVs, fancy drinks, or happy-hour specials -- at this wood-paneled institution, it's about pool tables, mismatched chairs, a fog of Marlboro smoke, un-mufflered hogs, Bud Lite by the glass with friends, and co-workers hovering around, marveling at downtown's renaissance. This place may be stuck back in the Medieval age by modern standards, but a bar without valet parking, $12 mojitos, and a strip-mall parking lot is such a rarity nowadays, and the folks who frequent this unpretentious watering hole realize that all too well. Grady's is still with us -- but for how long, Spock? For. How. Long?

Location Details

905 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316


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