Best Neighborhood Bar in North Broward (2006)

Jesse's Xtreme Sports Bar

No, you don't have to base-jump or sky-surf your way into Jesse's, as the name implies. But once you get past the slightly silly moniker, you'll find that the scruffy watering hole represents what we like best about this part of town. Namely, that there's little "pomp" in Pompano Beach. It doesn't get much more casual than this dive, and that's why this is the place we go to buy a bucket of beers and watch football while hanging out on the deck overlooking Atlantic Boulevard. Or when the Steelers aren't playing (this being a hardcore Pittsburgh hangout), you can suck down a cold one and join in on the electronic Texas Hold 'Em game that tends to rope in just about everyone sitting at the bar. But here's the best-kept secret about this unassuming hole in the wall: Jesse's food is far better than a neighborhood bar has a right to serve. Trust us on this one and order the boneless wings and the sweet potato fries. Now that's the way to fight the creeping frou-frou redevelopment overtaking the rest of the county.


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