Joining Wine Living's Wine of the Month Club is like hiring a personal organizer at a fraction of the cost. Owners Giancarlo and Mary de Falco will let you keep the junk in your closets and file cabinets, but they'll streamline your wine profile into something chic and sophisticated, clear your head of unnecessary wine factoids, and help you focus on the good stuff. For $35 a month, members get two bottles of far-ranging, interesting vino -- some of it downright eccentric -- a red and a white from boutique wineries across the globe: like a fizzy, celebratory Giacomo Vico Birbet, or a dignified Cabernet Merlot blend from West Cape Howe. Plus a couple of descriptive paragraphs detailing grape, region, and vinification -- down to descriptions of the boxes your precious grapes were transported in. Because the de Falcos are ordering for members in bulk, you'll inhale the bouquet of some excellent bargains. And never drink Mad Dog again.

Location Details

400 clematis St.
West Palm Beach FL 33401


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