Best City in Which to Live (2006)


If you think Weston is an unusual winner for this category, you obviously have a short memory. Flash back to October 24, 2005. In just six hours, Hurricane Wilma ripped across Florida, leaving a trail of damaged roofs, flooded cars, and broken windows and cutting power to roughly 6 million Florida households. Most of South Florida went dark. But there was one beacon of light: the City of Weston. Thanks to buried power lines, most Westonites survived Wilma to brew coffee and run their air conditioners the next day. But the ability to withstand natural disasters is only one of Weston's benefits. Broward's westernmost burg is a safe, well-manicured suburb -- and we mean suburb, because it's out there! And despite the cookie-cutter neighborhoods and gated communities, Weston offers a family-friendly atmosphere unmatched in most of South Florida. Plus, Weston, with its roughly 64,000 citizens, has a cosmopolitan feel (honest!). For one thing, Weston is diverse -- 30 percent of the city's residents are Latino. For another, Weston has some money -- the city's median household income is $80,920. And they all know how to have fun. Take Weston Town Center. On Saturday nights, Weston's developer-designed downtown is packed, with people milling in and out of nice restaurants, trendy bars, and, of course, Starbucks. Sure, some may scoff. But no one was making fun when the power was out everywhere else as Westonites enjoyed nice dinners at the Town Center.

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