Best Bartender in Broward (2007)

Michael Sinasac at Ireland's Inn

Also known as "Hippy-Dippy Mike," Michael Sinasac makes a mean drink. It's the only not-nice thing about him. His curly gray hair frames an always-there big, bright smile. Sinasac was slinging cocktails at this beachside place for years until the day it closed this April; it was a place with a small army of loyal regulars. Sinasac remembered everyone's signature cocktail and knew who drank Bud Light and who preferred Miller Light. He'd have your scotch and water ready before your butt could hit the stool. Hippy-Dippy's behind the bar because he clearly enjoys the people. That's why he remembered everyone's name, drink, and entire relationship history! He's taking a break for a bit to work on his real love — stained glass windows and designs. But when he comes back, be sure he will remember you so don't forget him.


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