Best Place to Play Pool (2007)


There are 11 Sidepockets around these United States, and all but this one are clustered in Kansas, Nebraska, or Missouri. How a Sidepockets landed this far from the rest is a mystery, but there's no questioning the business plan: Build a big pool hall (43 tables in 21,000 square feet) that serves big food (most notably, five kinds of half-pound burgers for under $8) that you can eat while watching sports on big TVs (four 12-foot-wide high-def projection screens). Sidepockets also pays attention to the little things: The tables and sticks are warp-free, the lighting and space between tables is perfect, and the place is much cleaner than your average dingy pool hall. And the prices? Just right. Tables are $5 an hour until 6 p.m. and $10 an hour afterward. Lunch and dinner specials start at $6.50, and if you buy lunch on a weekday, you get a free hour of pool.

Location Details

1117 Banks Rd.
Margate FL 33063


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