Best Female Rock Vocalist (2009)

Alicia Olink of Kill Miss Pretty

It's easy, when confronted with Boynton Beach-based electro-glam trio Kill Miss Pretty, to get wrapped up in the group's theatrics. Taking a page from the Bowie how-to book, the band makes each of its shows a costumed spectacle. The three have performed dressed as a ringleader with circus clowns, a race-car driver with pit crew, and a cop and muggers — to name just a few get-ups. The musicians even appeared in their birthday suits on a recent New Times cover. What all this might distract from, though, is that frontwoman Alicia Olink boasts an enviable set of pipes. On the group's latest album, Permission for Strange, Olink slithers through one slippery range. She might move from a bratty schoolgirl sing-speak to a subdued coo to an all-out wail. It's as explosive as her onstage antics and just as exciting.

"Drawing Pictures of Haunted Houses with You" from Kill Miss Pretty:


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